Arsenije Jovanovic

theatre, radio and television director, born in Belgrade, Serbia 1932., writer and audio-art author, university profesor - he was teaching acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade until the brake of the war in ex-Yugoslavia - Fulbright scholar and visiting professor at State University of New York at Albany, for eleven years theatre director in The National Theatre in Belgrade, later artistic director of The Bitef Theatre (Theatre in the Church), directing plays for theatres both in ex-Yugoslavia and abroad (Sheffield in England, Sofia in Bulgaria, Albany in USA), author of different sound installations - one was in Berlin as a part of SFB participation at Sonambiente event - initiator of a sound workshop at Kunstradio (ÖRF, Wien), initiator of a sound workshop at Media Arts Center at the University of Sydney 1999, participating sound workshops in Finland (Oulu and Helsinki), Denmark (Faeroe Islands), founder of the Adriatic Sound Factory, a moving sound laboratory settled for the time being in Rovinj in Istria, Croatia.

AWARDS: Aside of awards in his home country what was Yugoslavia, A.J. got Prix Italia in the category of stereo work for the "Tombstones along the Roadside" (Venice, 1971.), Prix Italia for the "Resava Cave" (Venice, 1977.), Premio Ondas for "Resava cave" (Barcelona, Spain, 1978.) Premio Ondas for "Along the Long Long Street" together with Ms. Neda Depolo (Barcelona, SPAIN), WDR Acustica International for "Faunophonia Balcanica" (Koeln, 1990.), "Finalist award" for "Homo Politikus Vulgaris" with P. Siren and A. Walligorska at New York Radio Art Festival (New York, 1992.), first prize for "Concerto Grosso Balcanico", International Radio Festival in Rust (Austria), Grand prix Radio France International with Ilinka Colic for "La parata" (Palmares, France, 1997.), one of the composers for the film "The Thin Red Line" by Terrence Malick (USA, 1998) - that was the composition "The Prophecy of the Serbian Village Kremna" produced earlier

Selected Works for Radio

Kunstradio CD: "Concerto Grosso Balcanico"

  • Other Radio Works:
  • "L'Angelo Dimenticato di Matera" commissioned by RAI (Sound Art Festival in Matera, Italy).
  • "Metropolis Belgrade", "Sound Testament of Mount Athos", "Metropolis Arles" and "Laguna Venezia" commissioned by WDR, Köln.
  • "H.P.V." commissioned by Ylesradio, Finland.
  • "The Prophecy of the Kremna Village" commissioned by New American Radio, New York.
  • "The Isle of Dying Donkeys", "Understanding the Sound", "The Sanctuary of the Whales" "The Prayer for one Galiola" and others commissioned by Radio-Belgrade.
  • "Ma maison" commissioned by Atelier de Creation Radiophonique, Radio France.
  • "Le Sacre du Mal - notturno Bosniaco", commisioned by RAI - RADIOUNO.
  • "Les Vents de Camargue", author's production
  • "Opera Balcanica", produced at ABC, Sydney, Australia, The Listening Room program.
  • "Fear of the Birds", commissioned by Kunstradio, ÖRF.

Arsenije lives in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) and in Rovinj (Croatia) where is working in his home studio, he is married and has a daughter called Ana.