Gary Danner & Elisa Rose

Station Rose:


Station Rose was founded in Vienna in 1988 by multimedia artists Gary Danner (concept & sound) and Elisa Rose (concept & visuals).

From the beginning Station Rose was a point of crystallization for new ideas developed in various fields of art. Their open space in Vienna served as a meeting point for bohemians and multimedia artists engaged in everything from painting, sculpture and music to performance, video and filmmaking.

Keeping pace with the rapid technological progression of the 80s, Danner and Rose soon transformed their concept of a real world multimedia gallery into the idea of a digital space.

With the rise of Techno they moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where they have been living and working since. Between 1992 and 1994 they arranged a series of "Gunafa Clubbing" events at the Frankfurt cult location "XS", which attracted clubbers from all over Germany. The Gunafa Clubbings were ecstatic tribal gatherings fuelled by digital images and animations, subsonic sound experiments ("Public Brain Sessions"), vinyl techno music, live sequencing and E-mail/Online-connections to California.

Disappointed with the commercialisation of techno, Danner & Rose began exploring the new possibilities of creative expression offered by the Internet, CD-ROM and CD plus. Communicating with experts in San Francisco and Los Angeles like Howard Rheingold and Timothy Leary they absorbed the latest digital trends and experienced their final coming-out as hypermedia artists.

Their intensive excursions into cyberspace resulted in 4 CD-ROM-productions.. While working on these projects Danner and Rose built up their "Gunafa" label, a hypermedia label releasing art-products ranging from vinyl records and CDs to complex CD-ROM and CD-plus productions.

Station Rose wird 10 von Mariann Unterluggauer

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

3. 3. 1988: "Neue Umstände"
30. 6. 1988: "Fahnen und Hymnen"
4. 10. 1990: "Public Brain Session" (von Gary Danner) und: "Ein Feature über Station Rose und ihr Zusammentreffen mit Timothy Leary und William S. Borrows" von Radio X aus Frankfurt (Gestaltung: Petra Klaus)
21. 10. 1993: "Station Rose"
27. 4. 1995: "Station Rose goes Internet" (Station Rose Jingle 95)
26. 9. 1996: "Station Rose Jingle Update 1996"
12. 3. 1998: "Station Rose - The 1st Decade"
22. 10. 1998: "Oars with Ears"
17. 10. 1999: "The new Station Rose Jingle"
9. 9. 2001: "Station Rose Jingle 2001"
28. 12. 2003: STR-JINGLE 2003 "(SPAM!)"
24. 7. 2005: STR Jingle 2005
16. 9. 2007: „Station Rose Jingle“
23. 11. 2008: “20 Jahre Station Rose Jingle”

2. 5. 2010: “Station Rose Jingle 2010”
24. 4. 2010: Station Rose Jingle 2011 „Cliffhanger“
14. 10. 2012: “Station Rose Jingle 2012”
8. 9. 2013: “DQC_ShelTeR“
25. 5. 2014: "Station Rose Jingle 2014 - Next" # Never Ever Xchange This 
21. 6. 2015: Station Rose Jingle 2015 Back to Work & Out Again
20. 11. 2016: Station Rose Jingle 2016
04. 06. 2017: STATION ROSE Jingle 2017 „Die Verzahnung“
28. 01. 2018: Art's Birhtday 2018