Art's Birthday 2005 Network

Reverie web-jam from Cafe Wiencouver
- about: tables, toys, orchestrated vibrations, cake

by Elizabeth Fischer, Anna Friz, Alberto Guedea, Francesca Mizzoni, Michael North, Roberto Paci Dalò, Jean Routhier, Ken Roux, Igor Santizo, and Absolute Value of Noise.

22:00 - 23:00 GMT - 23:00 - 24:00 CET

Audio Stream:

Reverie is a virtual urban landscape (on the Web). Inside this city, an ever-expanding group of international sound artists will build venues for their work. Reverie imagines an urban landscape that includes a variety of poetic extrapolations on the types of regions that exist in our cities – a merging of Sunset Boulevard, Lower Manhattan, boat houses on the canal, the Surrey Landfill site, and a public botanical garden of the future. The web interface for the project consists of an abstracted grid. The contributing artists will locate themselves within the grid and define the characteristics of their environment and sound venue. Over time, the growing collection of audio art venues will define a structure of neighbourhoods and communities in which artists plan time-based events and engage other inhabitants in collaboration and exchange.