Art's Birthday 2005 Network

RNE - Art’s Birthday
Ars Acustica Broadcast Special

20:50-21:10 h. GMT

"a pARTy"

Guillermo Lorenzo

(Canary Islands, 1961)

Sound and visual artist and performer. He has been very active in Spain; pioneer for Spanish web art and the use of new technologies. He usually combines different medias and artistic fields, like dance, video, sculpture, painting, sound, with criteria which belong to performance and/or to installation. His main reseach is about time and consciousness, in order to elaborate a “transmedia” work.

A project by Guillermo Lorenzo.

"a pARTy" is a set of live and pre-recorded actions, some of which took place some hours before the live radio event. Here are some short descriptions of a few of the actions:

Also: Joined before going to sleep, the artists make sounds linked to visual stimuli.
Behind today, in front of yesterday, forever: Acoustic reactions coming from a computer and a videocamera are added to the first action. This file will be on the webpage.
Centrifugal: While the program of a washing machine is executed somebody will use the vacuum cleaner.
90º: Seven people, dressed with a triangular hat, walk around a labyrinth painted on the floor of the square; that ceremony creates a sound sequence using small percussion objects fixed to the clothes of the performers.
Without words: Words selected from poems by Robert Filliou performed according to precise patterns and structure.
Contradiction: A game balancing and moving between the analogue and digital thanks to a microphone and several voices. This file is also posted on the webpage.

21:30-22:00 GMT

Fresh & Frozen

Radio performance by Miguel Ángel Ramos and Arturo Moya.

Miguel Ángel Ramos

teaches Aesthetics at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and is Head of Radio Autónoma. As an artist, he works in different fields including painting, writing, sound art and radio.

Arturo Moya

is President of the Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association (AMEE) and musical composer. He also teaches composition at Laboratorio PHONOS of Barcelona.

Radio Autónoma

is a pedagogical project from the Autónoma University of Madrid, directed by Miguel Angel Ramos, artist and aesthetical researcher. In that context, radio is considered a thinking aid, or a formula to provoke interconnection among different methods of thinking. Literature, theater, art, philosophy, media and sociology, anthopology or musicology are some of the perspectives that make the structure of this university radio, offered to and displayed by students, researchers and teachers from the Cantoblanco Campus (Madrid), as well as to cultural and artistic associations represented by the exchange of conferences, workshops, web works or congresses.

» Radio Autónoma

Live mix using materials from 9 new radio productions made in Radio Autónoma referring to historical sound art authors and works, as a kind of ironic but respectful re-interpretation.

Duration: 30 minutes.