Permanent Creation

a Special Evening of the Ars Acustica-Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Kunstradio celebrates Art's 1.000.042nd Birthday on January the 16th 2005 Live onair, online and onsite.

ONAIR: Ö1 Kunstradio (92.0 FM, 6155 und 5945 SW), Radio 1476 (MW), 22-24 h CET (21-23 h GMT)
ONLINE: on this site from 20-24 h CET (19-23 h GMT), MP3-Stream & Webcam
ONSITE: ORF Funkhaus, Studio RP3, Argentinierstr. 30 A, 1040 Vienna beginning at 20 h CET (19 h GMT)
as well as in Baden-Baden, Berlin, Budapest, London, Maastricht, Madrid, Melbourne, Moscow, Prague, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vancouver ...

As a reference to Robert Filliou who, at the end of the 1960s realized a project called the "Permanent Creation Tool Shed" - a small shed where tools for permanent creation were to be stored, creation conceived as an ongoing process to which everybody should contribute autonomously and in direct responsibility - this year's Art's Birthday project in Vienna is dedicated to the idea of "Permanent Creation".

The Concept:

Artists invited in Vienna and partner cities to contribute to the celebrations are confronted with acting instructions as a kind of tool which serves as the red thread through the evening. They can choose from a pool of instructions which is available on line (, fed partly by listeners / website visitors, partly by the Kunstradio team, and by other artists. Approximately every ten minutes, an acting instruction will be executed in form of a table performance either by one or more artist-actors in the studio in Vienna respectively in collaboration with artist-actors throughout the world connected via the global Art's Birthday Network. In Vienna, the artist groups alien productions and IFTAF - Institute for transacoustic Research have been invited to perform the instructions and process and edit the acoustic outcome.

Of course, visitors and friends joining in at the Funkhaus in Vienna are invited either to contribute an acting instruction or to perform an instruction in the studio as a present for Art's Birthday.

The Setting:

The setting is very simple and reduced to basic needs: Besides a number of props available at the studio, a simple white table serves as the performance stage and sound source at the same time. Ideally, the setting is similar in all cities participating in the "Permanent Creation" project.

A similar project, the so-called Table Top Studio was organized by Kunstradio already in 1997 within the range of "Recycling the Future", a large-scale networked project for the Ars Electronica Festival '97.