Sunday, 22. November 2015, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1



an ear for an eye
Part 5
curated by Lilian Zaremba

Lilian Zaremba has selected 4 radio art pieces by the Brazilian artist and sound designer Renata Roman for the last part of her curated by series “An ear for an eye”.

When the word
Duration: 4:52

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is the result of a research about the word unreachable. From communication attempts in a language completely unknown it creates a language which is not idiomatic of almost. Almost speaks, almost nothing, almost there.

Duration: 5:26

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The vocal experimentation seeks dialog with the musicality of water and its movements. The field recordings was made in city Paraty in Rio de Janeiro. It is the starting point for the creation of the vocal part.

Duration: 14:41

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The piece was produced starting from a consideration around those who live in a Southern country whose primary features are contradictions and diversity; making small references to authors who questioned various classification systems – Georges Perec, Jorge Luis Borges and Umberto Eco – Ornitorrinco (Platypus) proposes to listen to sounds that tangle this issue and point at the complexity of the questions: how much North is in the South? are we everywhere?

Duration: 25:45

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In a time when we witnessed the worsening situation of Brazilian Indians in various parts of the country due to economic interests it is fair to hear them: the simplicity of the dialogue, the reflection of the thinker, the letter from the explorer. Everything is revealing.