Lilian Zaremba

visual artist, radio artist, scriptwriter and radio producer, PhD researcher in communication theories, has been performing since 1997 where work explores different aspects of language and radio broadcasting associated with the sound arts. His most recent works: "Radio Flash of Light" (sound installation, Caixa Cultural gallery / 2008) "Overheard: on Radio and Art" (Radio Visual / Seventh Mercosul Biennial / 2009) "Evasion" (sound installation for the Breathing Project, Eva Klabin Foundation / 2010) "The Absent" for radio performance and dancer (Sequence Project Plan / Plan B 2011). "Hertziana, galena codex" (audiovisual installation in the Parque Lage, 2012). "Emovere" (film) in exhibition Things Carbonic, Wide Arts, Rio de Janeiro 2014. She participated in the series of sound art produced by Art-Rio - Fair Arts of Rio de Janeiro. 2014 - his work is presented by Janet el Haouli in the 10 International Biennial of Radio, Mexico.

2015 - At Your Feet with his piece Lilian Zaremba makes the 43rd exhibition of The Transparent Gallery and the first in 2015. "Transparent Gallery" is an imaginary environment for art and photography exhibitions. It Occupies, in a virtual mannered, the slightly elevated rectangle on the sidewalk of glory street in the busy though leafy neighborhood of Gloria, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This subtle platform was built by the city administration possibly to serve the base for the newsstand, but none has settled there yet.

** Master and PhD in Communication and Culture from the School of Communication of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro ECO-UFRJ, defending theses (1997 masters and 2001 doctoral) on radio art and communication.

She has published several research articles about the world of radio language organizing the three numbers of Radio New collection, Constellations of Contemporary Radiophonie (ECO / Ed.Publique 1997-2000) and the book "overheard: on Radio and Art" (Oi Future / SOARMEC 2010). His recent texts (2013 and 2014) were published in the journal Portfolio-EAV and Carbon Magazine.
Advisory board member of the International Radio Art research group (and Creative Audio for Trans-media -. IRARG is writer and producer of special series and the series Radio Mirabilis, weekly program of MEC-FM station.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

11. 08. 2013: Three short pieces
14. 08. 2016: "On the same planet earth - Buthan Landscapes" + "Through the Sound Mirror"


19. 07. 2015: curated by Lilian Zaremba: "an ear for an eye" 1
23. 08. 2015: curated by Lilian Zaremba: "an ear for an eye" 2
20. 09. 2015: curated by Lilian Zaremba: "an ear for an eye" 3
18. 10. 2015: curated by Lilian Zaremba: "an ear for an eye" 4
22. 11. 2015: curated by Lilian Zaremba: "an ear for an eye" 5