Alexandre Fenerich (Brazil, 1977)

Associate Professor - Institute of Arts and Design at UFJF (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil). Member of the Music, Visual Arts and Technology area at the Master of Arts, Culture and Languages program. Composer and sound designer. PhD in musicology (USP – Brazil), with main research in the relation between musique concrète, voice and intimacy. Has been working in music composition upon digital media, with focus on live eletronics, spatial auralization and audiovisual live performances. Has participated in international projects as composer and sound designer in Germany, Portugal and France (ZKM, Münchener Bienalle, Futura (France) and Beliner März Musik). Has been working with composers, flmakers, dancers and designers since 2001. Since 2005 works with Tato Taborda on his multi-intrument Geralda, and with Giuliano Obici in the project N-1 (