"EBU Selection 1994"

ORF / ARS ACUSTICA International
Doppel CD

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Disc 1:


Metamorphoses I

Andrew Yencken
ABC - The Listening Room

Metamorphoses 1 explores a series of landscapes, using sound as a navigation device. The title refers to the private fusion of social, cultural and natural contexts within the imagination. Its overall design also has a strong cinematic flavour, influenced by the works of film makers such as Kurosawa, Fellini and Vincent Ward. A broad pallet of location, studio and home recordings, collected over two years, was orchestrated in three movements, taking us from the ocean, through the bush, into the metropolis and returning to the sea. Often a sense of ambiguity enters the work, conveyed by long series of cross-fades, as each new landscape unfolds surprisingly to our ears. Perhaps sound is dreaming too, or dreaming becomes sound: is this a lament for the loss and partial recovery of the details of life.

Broadcasted in ORF KUNSTRADIO: 20th Januray 1994



World Soundprint: Pacific

Joseph Celli
New Amercian Radio

Two widely travelled musicians and well-known New Music artists, Celli and Kim, combine their creative sensibilities in search of the indigenous "sound-prints" of four Pacific Rim countries. On-location music recordings, such as aboriginal drones, the clanging of cymbals of Korean shamans, double reeds of Japan, the winds of New Zealand and sounds from airports identify and capture an aspect particular to and characteristic of a site or location on their travels. A delicate and beautiful acoustic work.

Broadcasted in ORF KUNSTRADIO: 26th May 1994



Desolación de la Ciudad
Francisco Felipe
Ars Sonara

"A day - a sound journey- originates in the urban soundscape: from the media which surrounded us , the public and impersonal places and transportation, to the cold female voice which announces the trains at any railway station. The ravens of the town. The wisdom to escape. The individual who breaks his links shoves off his canoe in a Karelian lake. The wind on the plains. The loneliness and the introspection. The storm on an island. The fire in the forest´s night. A wild river in the tundra. The seagulls and the imitative song of the Eastern - Siberian nomads, sung by Aloha Efimenko." Francisco Felipe, 1992

the record have been made by the author in Madrid, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Karelia, Hiumaa, Vilnius, Moscow, Petropavlosk, Kamtschatka and Palana.

Broadcasted in ORF KUNSTRADIO: 28th April1994



Disc 2:


Poem of Change
Pauline Oliveros
Westdeutschert Rundfunk

Poem of change for one voice, accordion and sounds by Pauline Oliveros

Poem of Change, a short sound piece by Pauline Oliveros consists of different compositional elements: a repetitive list of sentences like "change many things", "change more things", "change that thing", a series of questions like "are children be loved?", a montage of war-sounds as well as a meditative vocal and instrumental composition by the American artist. For the Studio Akustische Kunst Pauline Oliveros realized her sound compositions "Humayun`s Tomb", "Traum Mandala", "Dream HorseSpiel" and "Poem of Change". "DreamHorseSpiel" was performed at the WDR Sound Art Festival "2. Acustica International", 1990, New York.



The Tune
Dimitryi Nikolaev
Radio Ostankino

The Tune is a radiostory without words. One can understand only through noises of human activity, sound effects and music what is happening in the play, in the relationship between the characters, their conflicts, etc. the work shows the birth and growing of hatred between two humans. At the beginning of the play the characters are great friends, but they do not want to "give up their principles " and that leads them to hatred, to the fight and afterwards to the violent war destroying not only themselves. The Tune was inspired by events in my native country - the former Soviet Union.

Broadcasted in ORF KUNSTRADIO: 29th December 1994



Il Dolce Suono

Ilana Zuckerman
IBA Israel

The sounds were recorded in different locations around jerusalem and in the studio. Internal -external landscapes are revealed. Images touch textures of memory, time, fears and secrets in an effort to expose the enigma of the city.

Boy Soprano: Noar Lee Naggan, 12 years old
Soprano: Judy Axelroth
Pianist: Zmira Lutzky
Performer: Ilna Zuckermann
Sound Engineer: Moti Arnon



La Lunga Notte

Roberto Paci Daló

La Lunga Notte is a documentation of a live event that took place in Rimini, dealing with radio links and the crossing of codes and genres within the electronic space of radio. The project involved two special people: the poets Yehudi Amichai from Israel and Samih al-Qasim from Palistine. From the studio of KOL Israel they worked together for thefirst time presenting their own texts, in Arab and Hebrew. Their voices were sent to Rimini, Italy, together with voices and sounds coming from Innsbruck and Cologne. In the sala Ressi in the historical part of Rimini an ensemble - conducted by Roberto Paci Daló - Performed an amazing piece of music with the two poets from overseas as soloists. The ensemble used acoustical instruments together with interactive computer systems and data gloves. The quality of the connections varied: there were radio links between Italy and Austria, ISDN from cologne and telephone-links from Jerusalem. The voices of the poets sounded faraway. The audience experienced the distance, they felt the sea in between, the desert around.