Andrew Yencken

Andrew Yencken was born in Sydney in 1963 and grew up in Melbourne. He is a composer , songwriter, producer and engineer who works in both popular and alternative/experimental musics. He has also contributed soundtracks to film, theatre, and dance productions in Australia.

Since 1992 he has recieved a number of commissions from The Listening Room (TLR), ABC Radio, and his work for radio has been featured on networks throughout Europe and North America. Between 1999-2000 he travelled extensively in Brazil, the journey forming the the inspiration for his latest work, "Boats Of Paper".

Selected Works for Radio

'Metamorphoses-I' (appears on the CD "The Listening Room - Beta", ABC Music) Ars Acustica International, EBU Selection 1994
'Chekhovs Echoes' and 'Rust', 1995 Kunstradio, ORF
Carousel Of Light 1995-1996 (appears on the CD "The Listening Room- Ipsilon", ABC Music)
Digitations 1996 (commission, Studio Akustiche Kunst, WDR)
Balanço 1996 (commission, "Miniatures Concretes", emprientes digitales, Quebec)
Kephisos 1998 (joint commission TLR /The Australia Council)
Moon-Lagoon-Light 1999 (commission, TLR)
Boats of Paper 2000 (joint commission, TLR/ Radio Deutschland Berlin), Kunstradio, ORF