Ilana Zuckerman

lives and works in jerusalem.
in the 1980s, founded "studio one" for radio art at the israel broadcasting authority. her wors are widely broadcasted by radio stations in israel and abroad. since 1990, has been active in the international forum of "ars acustica"

Selected Works

1996 -
"real time in a sealed room" - sound installation, city gallery of contemporary art, raleigh, north carolina.
1995 -
5 performances broadcasted live, international poetry festival., jerusalem
"bird on bird" I and II - sound installations, "sculpture in the little forest", raanana, israel and budapest, hungary.
1993 -
"bird" - sound installation, "wings of sound" festival, finland.
"the angels of tamara", "romaeuropa" festival, italy
1992 -
"il dolce suono", "ars sonora" festival, spain commissioned by spanish radio, madrid
1991 -
"primot", "macrophon" festival, poland
1990 -
"opus", "audio-box" festival, poland
1989 -
"bruno schulz", "futura" festival, berlin
1986 -
"anachronismus", "audio-box" festival, italy
1984 -
"elsa lasker schiller - homage", "prix italia"
1982 -
"composition for a woman´s voice and jazz quartet", tel-aviv festival, israel


1994 -
"ars acoustica" prize for "il dolce suono", "macrophon" festival, poland
1991 -
first prize for "primor", "macrophon" festival, poland
1983 -
israel radioprize for "elsa lasker schiller - homage"