• Art’s Birthday - In 1963 the French Fluxus artist, Robert Filliou, declared January 17 to be the 1,000,000th birthday of art which for some decades now has been celebrated by artists, artist groups, artist run centers, galleries, museums, art radios, etc worldwide. Kunstradio has joined the networked Art's Birthday celebrations in 1999.

  • RE-INVENTING RADIO - The theory and practice of contemporary radio-art. An open-ended series of international events.

  • KüCHENRADIO - RADIOKüCHE - a 12-hour-contribution for Juniradio


  • RADIOTOPIA - A Networked On Air On Line Radio Art Project, Ars Electronica Festival

  • "devolve into II.." - an ongoing networked streaming project with several on site-versions, a series of on air renderings and a CD version. "devolve into II.." was launched on January 17th, 2002. A coproduction of Kunstradio and Western Front, Vancouver

  • Extended Radio - A Kunstradio Contribution to Acoustic.Space.Lab Symposium 2001 in Irbene

  • LITERATUR ALS RADIOKUNST - Established in 1999, this «Kunstradio»-series is asking contemporary writers to develop some kind of experimental «radio-activity» different to the traditional (narrative) genres such as play, or lecture.

  • CURATED BY... - An ongoing series of exhibitions of international radioart curated by artists from all over the world.
  • RE-PLAY UPDATE - Inspired by the on site and on line-exhibition, radio artists realise a new series of projects relating to concepts and attitudes of the 70s. The open-ended series is produced by Kunstradio under the title RE-PLAY UPDATE.

  • RE-PLAY - Anfänge internationaler Radiokunst in Österreich - AUDIO/RADIO (11.5.2000 - 6.8.2000)
    RE-PLAY is a project of the Generali Foundation in Vienna. The project deals with media-art by Austrian artists and international media-art-events in Austria in the 70ies.
    The audio-/radio-part of "RE-PLAY" is coproduced by Kunstradio.
    (Webdesign by August Black/Markus Seidl with support from Maria Schubert & André)

  • JON ROSE: THE RELATIVE VIOLIN - This small festival juxtaposed the sound and technique of real (excelling) violinist with the ubiquitous sound and more and more accessible technology of contemporary music: the sampler, the record, the radio and the internet.

  • SCHWITTRADIO - a global 12 hour Live-Webcast in homage to Kurt Schwitters (19. September 1999)
    SCHWITTRADIO was co-organised by Kunstradio & Western Front in the context of the MERZMUSEM project conceived by Hank Bull. Part of SCHWITTRADIO was also broadcast live on Kunstradio

    (Webdesign by Robert Adrian/Maria Schubert/Sandra Wintner).

  • SOUND DRIFTING: I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro - Ars Electronica'99, September 1998.
    "Sound Drifting: I Silenzi Parlano Tra Loro" was an interdependent temporary network of 16 international remote sub-projects, useing a wide range of methods for the generation, processing and presentation of data/sounds/images to form a nine-day long continuous on line - on site - on air sound installation
     (Webdesign by Robert Adrian/Eva Wohlgemuth).

  • WIENCOUVER 2000 - Project series beginning in January 1999 in collaboration with Western Front Society, Vancouver.
    WIENCOUVER was the name of a series of telecommunication projects between Wien and Vancouver from 1980 - 1984. WIENCOUVER 2000 is not a nostalgic look at the early years of Art+Telcomm but an exploration of the new technology available for artists working in the field as we approach the new millenium.

  • STATIC BETWEEN THE STATIONS / ARS RADIO - OpenX, Ars Electronica Festival 1998
    STATIC BETWEEN THE STATIONS is about the contradictory, overlapping and constantly shifting attempts to (re-)define and/or (re-)position the radio medium under the impact of digitalisation, globalisation and the convergence of mass media, telecommunications and the computer.

    (Webdesign by Tina Frank, Eva Wohlgemuth & Maria Schubert).

  • KUNSTRAM - Jingles by artists in the trams in Linz - for the Linzer Kulturmonat, September 1998

  • KUNST IN DER STADT II / IMMERSIVE SOUND - Bregenz, July-August 1998.
    "KUNST IN DER STADT II" was a project for the public space by the Bregenzer Kunstverein. "IMMERSIVE SOUND" was a special Kunstradio project in the framework of Kunst in der Stadt II. The Kunst in der Stadt website was created by Kunstradio
     (Webdesign by Eva Wohlgemuth & Robert Adrian).

  • RECYCLING THE FUTURE - Kunstradio's 10th Anniversary Project in 4 Episodes. (1997)
    Recycling the Future 1 - at "Hybrid Workspace", Documenta X, in Kasel. (July 1997)
    Recycling the Future 2 - at "OpenX", Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (Sept.1997).
    Recycling the Future 3 - part of LADA'98, (L'Arte Dell' Ascolto), Rimini (Nov.1997).
    Recycling the Future 4 - a 4 day event in ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna (Dec. 1997).

  • FAMILIE AUER - The Kunstradio sit-com.
    The Familie Auer appeared in over 50 short radio programs on KUNSTRADIO On Air (Jan. 1996 - Feb. 1997) and as a continuing WWW project for KUNSTRADIO On Line. More than 70 artists from all disciplines have worked - or continue to work - on the Familie Auer project.

    (Webdesign by Eva Wohlgemuth, August Black & Martin Breindl).
    The Familie Auer can also be enjoyed on a double CD

  • RIVERS&BRIDGES - a global Radio, Telephone and Internet Project ...a feature of Ars Electronica'96 (5-6 September)
    (A collaboration with Ars Acustica International and the Ars Electronica Center)

  • HORIZONTAL RADIO -the historic 24 hour multimedia global network project that was realized in the program of Ars Electronica'95 (June 11-12, 1995).
    There is a Horizontal Radio double CD compiled by Rupert Huber.

    HORIZONTAL RADIO was a TRANSIT / Kunstradio project coordinated by Gerfried Stocker