by Artists

PARADISE LOST (2012) by Marold Langer-Philippsen

LQD 7 (2008) - a Solar System by mschuber

KUNSTRADIO - RADIOKARIKATUR (2006) - a Project by Juergen Berlakovich

H5N1 (2006) - a Project by Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman aka Nerve Theory

AUDIOMOBILE (2005) - a project for mapping cities with sound by Matt Smith and Sandra Wintner

SANS FRONTIÈRES (2003) a project about migration for Vienna and St.Petersburg by ROBERT ADRIAN X und EVA WOHLGEMUTH (with Martin Leitner und Martin Rössler)

TALKING CROSSWALKS- An Acoustic World Atlas (2003) part of senseless (sinnlos) - a coproduction of graz2003

BOMBUS TERRESTRIS REVISITED #3 (2001) ein work in progress von Hartmut Geerken

NARRATIVE BITSTREAM (2000) digital storytelling Georg Hartl (Conzept, Realisation)

LE MÖMO - A Kunstradio contribution to LA RADIO NELLA RETE, Bologna, Italy (18.9.2000)
Le Mömo is a conceptual performance/radio-art/electronica group that participated in the on-line / on-site portion of the AFTERADIO - PRIX ITALIA Festival. The group dealt with issues of old radio iconography, "the death of radio," and new advancements in real-time sound processing.
(Concept and Webdesign by Tim Jaeger with support from Markus Seidl and Hans Groiß)

DEVOLVE INTO (2000) Peter Courtemanche's piece works by generating a series of web-cam image streams with accompanying audio; ..with Shawn Chappelle, Joelle Ciona, Lori Weidenhammer (Web-design:Eva Wohlgemuth)

MULTITUDE-SOLITUDE, OR ALL BREATHS ARE SHARED (2000) Brandon LaBelle's first radio-piece for KUNSTRADIO, involving recordings made with contact-mics around different parts of Vienna. (Web-design: Tim Jaeger)

LITERATUR ALS RADIOKUNST (1999/2000)   Literature As Radioart will present a new form of literary texts on Kunstradio ... authors read their texts themselves and then rework the acoustic material with the help of a sound engineer ... by Liesl Ujvary   (Web-design: Maria Schubert)

DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA - Zwiegespräche über den Anschein (1999)  Compositions in the form of a dialogue, whose protagonists happen to be also the authors of the piece ... by Rupert Huber and Isabella Bordoni in collaboration with Markus Seidl)

METAMORPHOSEN AUS SCHUBERTS WINTERREISE (1999)  a concert on the border between Austria and Hungary by the "Zärtlichen Zöllnern" in collaboration with the Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf.
(Web-design: Robert Adrian)

RANDOMIZER (1998)  RealAudio "Short Cuts" randomly selected from the Kunstradio Archive - a project by Markus Seidl

DISLOCATION (1998)  A radio/internet project about presence and absence - urban and rural by Petra Ganglbauer
(Web-design: Eva Wohlgemuth)

TOUCHLESS II (1998)  Version 2 of TOUCHLESS, a project for Live Performance, Radio and WWW by Elisabeth Schimana. (TOUCHLESS I  took place during "Recycling the Future",  Dec. 1997)
(Web-design: Günther Gessert / August Black)

IN MEMORIAM GEORG DECRISTEL (1998) Posthumous Archive of the Work of the Austrian Artist Georg Decristel (1937-1997)
(Web-design: Eva Wohlgemuth)

ORF STUDIO RP4 (1997)Panorama view of the ORF Hoerspiel studio RP4, site of many Kunstradio productions.
(Web-design: Eva Wohlgemuth, images by Tommy Bergmann)

DAS_BILD (1997) A project for Theater, Radio and WWW by Thomas Pernes
(Web-design: Ludwig Zeininger)

THEORIE MUSIK (1997) Musicians react to - and interact with - theorists. A concept by Bernhard Loibner
(Web-design: August Black)

RECYCLING BIN (1997) A recycling project for "Recycling the Future" by August Black

HÖREN IST SEHEN / OIR ES VER (1997-98) The WWW element of a travelling exhibition of Art in Electronic Space: a project by Gue Schmidt
(Web-design: Eva Wohlgemuth)

ABENTEUER IM WWWUNDERLAND (1997) Lewis Carrol in WWWunderland - a Web adventure by Ludwig Zeininger
English version: WWWonderland

REALTIME ARTEMIS (1997) A project for Kunstradio - on air, online and as a live event in Studio RP3 of the ORF by:
Peter Pessl, Petra Ganglbauer and Gertrude Moser-Wagner
(Web-design: Eva Wohlgemuth)

VIRTUREAL TON (1996) - On Line part of a multi-media project by  sha
TM & Martin Burkhardt
(Web-design: Martin Burkhardt / Programming: Eva Wohlgemuth)

DARB-I FETIH (1996-) - KREISPARTITURBUCH. A continuing Kunstradio & Internet project by Rupert Huber
(Web-design: Robert Adrian / Reinhard Handl)

PERSONENRUFE (1995) - a project by All Quiet on the Western Front
Net-version of the Kunstradio project (in collaboration with TRANSIT)

NETSOUNDS (1995) - a project by Mathias Fuchs
Original sound works by artists for KUNSTRADIO ON LINE