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an ear for an eye
Part 4: 3 works by Thelmo Cristovam
curated by Lilian Zaremba

The three works selected are part of the work that Thelmo Cristovam classifies as MSP - Mapping Sound of Pernambuco. The titles "Catende", "Monte Church" and "Olinda", indicate the locations where they were recorded, with a focus on metropolitan region of the city of Recife and the Zona da Mata region that surrounds the city.

Using a recorder HD Tascam DA-P2 and stereo microphone Rode NT-4, Thelmo left this equipment spoon sounds by one or two hours uninterrupted for after select and edit, in work that lasted a whole year.

CATENDE brings together two long stretches and shorter one in the middle of the composition, reveals distinct times of Sound acquisition in the environment.

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OLINDA - collected sounds at different locations in the beautiful city history – considered a patrimony of humanity by UNESCO.

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MONTE CHURCH was recorded in 1535 but only one day at the same time. Thelmo describes this work as "fonofotografias" term that created to describe its aesthetics and affections as artistic witness involved in these studies.

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City of Olinda