**Thursday 6. Juli, 2000 **
20:00 - 22:00 cet ** 14:00 - 16:00 est ** 11:00 - 13:00 pst
*L I V E from the ORF Radio Cafe, Vienna!*
Presentation of the new CD: "OTHER VOICES - ECHOES FROM A WARZONE" by Gordan Paunovic

followed by a discussion of the question:

Participants in the discussion included:

Gordan Paunovic, freeB92, Head of New Media & Radioartist, Belgrade
Veran Matic, President ANEM, Belgrade
Jasmina Tesanovic, Writer, Belgrade
Ivan Ivanji, Writer, Belgrade/Vienna
Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director AEC, Linz
and members of the Radiocafe audience.

Raimund Löw

*The "other voices" from Belgrade are a dramatic example of the role the internet can play in making audible the voices that usually remain unheard in the prevailing government- or corporation- regulated media. But, in the wake of the success of the recent protests (J18, Seattle, etc.) which were based on the efficiency of the internet as an alternative information medium, the establishments - in London, Belgrade, Brussels, Washington - are beginning to reassert their authority in media matters. The demonisation of political or ideological dissidents as "media terrorists" may be the first stage in the restriction of free information exchange in the internet. Is this where the new anti-terrorist laws in Jugoslavia and Britain - and the recent restrictive actions of corporate ISPs in the U.S.A. - are leading?

An online Chat will permit participation from the network.

The CD " OTHER VOICES - echoes from a war zone" is a remix by Gordan Paunovic of his 100-minute Live Kunstradio programme, originally broadcast on April 29, 1999 from studio RP4 in the ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna.
The CD was mastered in Belgrade by Robert Klajn. "OTHER VOICES - echoes from a war zone" can be ordered from:
KUNSTRADIO Argentinierstrasse 30 a,
A 1040 Vienna
Tel: ++43 1 50101 18277
FAX ++43 1 50101 18065