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"Restaura Quentin Tarantinos Blut"

by Herbert J. Wimmer

Text and voice: Herbert J. Wimmer
Voice: Renée Gadsden
Sound Engineer: Martin Leitner

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„herbert j. wimmer and martin leitner passionately reconstruct and deconstruct quentin tarantino’s blood western the hateful eight. cinema seems to have come to an end, blood runs in streams, and if the film creates an aura, it is a remnant, recreated, again revived. this sound piece listens in to these processes of aura production and aura destruction.

written and performed in german and english language, a RESTAURA-original was created, where both original languages dub eachother. renée gadsden and author herbert j. wimmer talk themselves into the flow and the clotting of the blood metaphors, that determine – and exterminate – cinema.

swimming on and within the streams of sounds, that were gained from a piece by mccoy tyner and bobby hutcherson, „isn’t this my sound around“, a work of radio art emerges, opening a space of listening to the permanent resta-uration and rest-aura-recreation.

(herbert j. wimmer, 14.3.2017)


a Audiobiography vy Herbert J. Wimmer (edited Version)

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Pöchlarn in the 1960s: an author looks back. There was a “Almdiele”, a “Musicbox" and "Flipper", "SERGEANT PEPPER WOODSTOCK VIETNAM PRAG" – according to a line from Herbert J. Wimmer’s text – entered the small town of Pöchlarn by the river Danube. "PATTERN - PÖCHLARN - FRAKTALE" is the author’s attempt, to initiate a stream of associations out of fragments of his own autobiography, using language, sound and noise, and to keep it in constant movement. The original sounds were recorded on site: church bells, sounds from the train station, traffic noise and snippets of conversations, as well as water sounds of the Danube. They create a sonic landscape, in which the fragmented memories and verbal associations are embedded.