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100 YEARS OF RADIO – The Return of Wireless Imagination

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - Kunstradio's Art's Birthday Party 2007
ORF Kulturcafe, Argentinierstrasse 30a, 1040 Vienna
8 p.m. – open end, FREE ENTRY

Art's Birthday Party - course of events

 20:00  Introduction by Friedrich Tietjen
 Warm-up: collect congratulations, listen into the audio-streams
20:15  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
 listen to a mix of sounds and streams, Diana and Jeanette
write infos and comments, chat if you like
20:30  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
 stay seated, or drink alcohol and coffee if you like
20:45  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
 smokers smoke, please!
20:57  textstrom (Jubiläum)
 21:00  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
21:01  GipsyRadio
20:09  textstrom
21:15  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
20:16  textstrom
21:19  GipsyRadio
21:30  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
21:31  GipsyRadio
21:42  textstrom
21:45  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
21:46  textstrom
21:49  GipsyRadio
 22:00  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
22:01  wortwerft (Clemens Marsschall onstage and Maria Seisenbacher via cell phone)
22:09  GipsyRadio
22:15  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
22:16  GipsyRadio (chatting with other nodes)
22:30  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
22:31  textstrom
22:34  GipsyRadio (chatting with other nodes)
22:45  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
22:46  GipsyRadio
22:57  textstrom
 23:00  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
23:01  GipsyRadio
23:07  textstrom (Jubiläum)
23:10  Tom Havlik / Karl Kilian aka FM Zombiemaus
23:19  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
23:20 "Whispering Art History" by Volkmar Klien
is sent to the EBU satellite (VERDI) from 11:20 p.m. onwards
23:43  acoustic footnote by Friedrich Tietjen
23:45 "Dinner for Two" by Tonic Train

contributors on site:

Tom Havlik
Robert Kellner
Karl Kilian
Volkmar Klien
Astrid Schwarz
Friedrich Tietjen
Tonic Train

on air:

11 p.m. - 2 a.m., Ö1 (FM 92.0, MW 1476, SW)

Follow the party on line at:,,

With regards to the fact that the first radio “show” mixing music and spoken word was successfully broadcast 100 years ago, Kunstradio wants to commemorate this exciting moment of radio’s history; luckily Radio’s birthday more or less coincides with that of Art :-), so we’ll not only be celebrating 1,000,044 years of art, but also 100 years of radio; Ö1 which was established 40 years ago as the cultural channel of Austrian National Radio, and last but not least Ö1 Kunstradio’s 20th anniversary are two more great occasions to celebrate!

The best of all reasons for a very promising party!
And very promising is the line-up of contributors, too!
In the spirit of the first radio show, the bits and bobs of the performances will focus on spoken word, music, and “firsts” in radio from around the world. While the evenings “narrator” Friedrich Tietjen will present the stunning story of radio, and how practices in the medium’s use have changed over the past 100 years, served as short, but compact bites of the storyline, Volkmar Klien will listen into the audio-streams from the thriving birthday parties around the globe, and give the guests a personally composed impression of what’s going on out there, mixed with samples of memorable radio moments.
Young writers from Vienna’s literature scene, from poetry slammers to spoken word artists, will comment on and work with radio from their point of views, as well as we are awaiting a remote birthday present in form of an especially made video from Felix Kubin, label boss of gagarin.records, radio artist and musician / performer. The combo GipsyRadio will interlink between the narratives, picking up the different modes and moods, and interpreting these in their specific musical language.
With the grande dame of media, Radio, turning 100, all her friends and contemporaries are long dead. Thus, Tonic Train are performing a special birthday concert: “Dinner for Two“ addresses a new generation of transistors gathered at the Kulturcafe to listen to the old stories of Radio when it still was a medium that still used to hiss, click, and pipe broadcast via four microtransmitters.

What else is to mention? Several layers of the party will be broadcast on 4 special channels via microtransmitters on site, so bring your radio receiver to get your individual mix!
00:03 bye-bye from vienna's art's birthday party 2007. hope to see you next time!