14. JULY to 26. JULY 1998:
by Peter Courtemanche / Lori Weidenhammer
and Elisabeth Schimana*
(*untill 22. July)

  1. inside the cube:
    Inside the cube there are two circles of sound. [diagram]
    - The inner circle is defined and controlled by a theremin with ring-modulator that is "played" by the audience. The theremin is programmed to switch between four channels of sound. When a visitor moves his/her hand near the instrument, the motion turns the different sound sources on or off. The hand-motion also activates a fifth sound source (using the ring-modulator) which plays in the outer circle.

  2. - The outer circle is fed with continuous sounds from a variety of sources (installations, internet, CB radio, performances etc.).

  3. in the entrance hall:
    There are 3 loudspeakers each of which plays the sound from one of the remote locations - Linz, Vancouver, Adelaide.

  4. Loudspeakers in the public space:
    - In the entrance of the Kornmarkt Theater.
    - At the cafe KUB in front of the Kunsthaus Bregenz.

  5. A RealAudio Live stream is always playing into the WorldWideWeb.

  6. CB Radio: input from CB into the Immersive Sound environment and output from Immersive Sound broadcast on CB radio.

  7. Radio Broadcasts: a daily 10 minute mix of IMMERSIVE SOUND is broadcast every night (except Saturday) on ORF Österreich 1 at 23:50. This is part of the one hour "Kunst In Der Stadt Ausstellungsradio" broadcast.