Sonntag, 14. Mai 2023, 22:05 - 23:00, Ö1



  • Faye Houston im Studio © Mikkel Roald-Arbøl

  • Seeking Truth Seeking

    by Jonathan Reus

  • With Faye Houston, Johanna Bramli and Kassia Zermon
  • AI Voices: Participants from Jonathan Chaim Reus and Varia AI workshops, Linda Johnson (LJSpeech dataset), John Van Stan (HiFi TTS dataset), voices from LibriTTS dataset.
  • Sound: Dylan Beattie & Jonathan Chaim Reus
  • Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur/ORF Kunstradio/CTM Festival 2023
  • Thanks to : Eleni Ikoniadou (Fugitive Voices), Varia (Joana Chicau, amy pickles, Cristina Cochoir, Angeliki Diakrousi), Victor Shepardson (Intelligent Instruments Lab, Iceland Academy of Arts), Eren Gölge & Josh Meyer (, Antoine Caillon (ACIDS/IRCAM).

  • What are the consequences of our actions today for future generations? How do we become good ancestors? For a year, sound artist Jonathan Chaim Reus let an artificial intelligence think about the future. Now he takes stock.

    "Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors," says American virologist Jonas Salk. But how can we shape our lives today to benefit our descendants?

    To address this question, Jonathan Chaim Reus established a dialogue between an artificial intelligence and real people. Over the course of a year, each side thought the other's thoughts further. The results were spoken, sung and repeatedly rearranged by an artificial voice. Now "Ancestors in Progress - The Good Ancestor" says goodbye with a ritual of voices.

    "Ahnen in Arbeit" is part of the KONTINUUM series of generative sound compositions, which can be heard regularly in the programs of Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Ö1 Kunstradio.