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Jonathan Chaim Reus

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  • (b. US) is an artist, musician, composer, and researcher based in the Netherlands. Fundamentally interdisciplinary in approach, Reus’ performance and artistic works are characterised by hands-on experimentation, hybrid-thinking, and consideration for the material conditions and surroundings in which art, technologies, and communities are created.

    In this spirit, Reus’ music and performance draw equally from vernacular folk music traditions as from live-coding and computational data. He uses recombination, intervention, and modification of tools and technologies to uncover new narratives and imagine techno-musical futures.

    Jonathan Reus’ projects, research, performance and pedagogy rely on playful testing of materials in the hands of collaborators, and a generosity towards audience; a belief that knowledge and understanding arrives through shared experience and experimentation.

    Sendungen im Kunstradio:

  • 06 02 2022: KONTINUUM: Ahnen in Arbeit
  • 14 05 2023: Seeking Truth Seeking

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