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» I. Papa, short version
» II. Terrorema. Under my skin starts the liberated zone


Radio: That is the non-local, disembodied voice. Terrorism: that is the painful destruction of an illusion of virtuality. By means of two hardship case studies of KIDNAPPINGS, the new productions for Kunstradio’s „Literature as Radio Art“ series focus on the (symbolic) bodies behind the „disembodied voice“. Birgit Kempker develops a perfidious text with oedipal enmeshment deriving from the situation of the hostage, a fictive monologue of a daughter pleaing to her father for ransom. Conversely, Hanno Millesi’s text collage which the author composed from stiffs, slogans, and media documents dealing with the RAF and the kidnapping of Hanns Martin Schleyer, maps the web of references of delinquents who, on their behalf – think of „Stammheim“ – regarded themselves as hostages of the constitutional state. Whether, in form of a monologue, as in Birgit Kempker’s „Papa, short version“ or as in Hanno Millesi’s „Terrorema“ a polyphonic spread: the sound works are based exclusively on the voices of the artists – saving any other recordings. In 5.1. Surround via OE1DD.

(Christiane Zintzen, Curator)

I. Papa, short version

by Birgit Kempker

Text + Voice: Birgit Kempker
Technicians: Franz Ahamner, Christian Sodl, Karl Petermichl

The daughter’s ransom through her father (as life-long undertaking) doesn’t end.

The daughter’s ransom through her father for free.
The daughter’s ransom through her father can’t be achieved.
The daughter’s ransom through her father is a wish, it has a high price.

Bounty and captivity. Transpersonal bounty, transportable captivity.
Without a car and its radio this story wouldn’t exist.

When I answer somebody (biblical: love), I ransom that person.
I ransom him or her to even exist.
I ransom him or her from him/herself.
Into a perceiving:

Yes, I can hear you, it’s you, you exist. Etc.

This is also a (multi-lingual – for who knows in which language this father is speaking, the chances of this increasing when crossing borders) attempt of finding a father, a necessary attempt (hardship is great, the fingers are to be chopped off) of inventing one.
SELF FIGMENT. FIGMENT as an answer to being a foundling.
Moses in the basket. I believe that invention / figment doesn’t work without a HE. A he in me, somebody else.
My dad.


II. Terrorema. Under my skin starts the liberated zone

by Hanno Millesi

Text+Voice: Hanno Millesi
Technicians: Martni Leitner, Markus Gassner

„Terrorema“ is a text collage dealing with the synchronization of different soundtracks deriving from six different sources. At the centre of this convolution are so-called stiffs which, around the mid-seventies circulated between members of the rote armee fraktion in custody. These statements which can be read as a kind of barometer of despair, are mixed with headlines of a report series of a high-circulation magazine from that era as well as citations used by the terrorists in their letters. Furthermore, excerpts from Melville’s Moby Dick which was a favored book of the arrested terrorists, are included in the composition. The whole text is held together by structurating contextual brackets.
Comparable with the ostentatious, sensation-seeking stance which determines the jargon of magazines targeting average citizens who by no means are to be overtaxed, a specific lingual identity was also established amongst the revolutionary cadres of the left-wing radical RAF. This was primarily almost exclusively notified through (written) responsibility claims and so-called „strategy papers“, but obtained a human, a despaired dimension in the motivation-driven order during isolation imprisonment. Where the readers of those magazines demonstrate an entertainment-obsessed aspect almost negating reality, the prisoners whisper paroles of encouragement to eachother, all amounting to a war of extermination.

Hanno Millesi