exCHANGE with MIT/2 and svalka
March 26, 2003 10 p.m. at rhiz and fluc
an event by ORF Kunstradio

At the end of March, Vienna's two well-known venues for electronic music, rhiz and fluc, will host a real-time exchange of sound bits and image pixels. Via audio streams and webcams the sounds and images produced on site - by svalka at fluc and MIT/2 at rhiz - will be sent to the partner club across the city. Thus, the audience gets to hear the sounds and see the images from the respective live act. Strange shifts, delays and overlaps may occur between the (visible) on site performance and the transmitted sound/image.
The approximately one hour artists exchange will be followed up with DJs, ddkern/wellmann at rhiz and groisz/pacher at fluc.

The women band svalka (russian for refreshment/cooling) was formed on the event of the "Frauenbanden-Fest" at the EKH in Vienna; the members of svalka work in different artistic fields and with various media. svalka is neither a pop nor a rock band; they produce sounds with analogue instruments as well as with digital samples. Their aim is to deal with and to process space by means of applying acoustic media and transforming these sounds visually.

MIT/2 is one half of the collective MIT who - according to their self-definition - produce "finest electrical/digital dilettantism". Their roots are to be found in visual arts and in experimenting with new media. They also operate with digital as well as analogue devices to generate their sounds, among others with electronic shavers. The output of MIT's weekly Wednesday-meetings is uploaded as raw material to their homepage.

exCHANGE is the second in a series of events named SENDEN (german for transmit, transfer) organized by ORF Kunstradio. The celebration of the 1,000 040th "Art's Birthday" which was proclaimed in 1963 by the Fluxus artist Robert Filliou on January 17 at the futuregarden in Vienna marked the kick-off of this series with a performance by Sergej Mohntau. In the now rapidly approaching warmer seasons - spring and summer - the events, roughly planned once every two months, will take place outdoors. The venues are part of the concept and are carefully selected: Transmitter stations on the outskirts of Vienna are possible destinations for idyllic afternoon trips as well as spaces specifically chosen by the artists for acoustic investigation.