Sonntag, 03. Oktober 2021, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1



© Monika Jantschnig

PhonoFemme 2021

Since 2009, the PhonoFemme Festival has taken place every two years,
conceived by female composers and musicians Zahra Mani and Mia Zabelka.

with Viv Corringham / Icostech / Rahel Kraft / Peta Klotzberg / Katherine Liberovskaya / Tracy Lisk / Zahra Mani / Phill Niblock / Christian Tschinkel / Mia Zabelka



imagined spaces by Zahra Mani


Panta Ray by Peta Klotzberg and Christian Tschinkel with Mia Zabelka


PhonoFemme 2021 deals with the public space. According to the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, public space is becoming increasingly privatized and increasingly disappearing in today's world. Especially on the internet the privatization of public space (Facebook, Twitter etc) can be observed in a drastic way. In 2021, PhonoFemme will link the public space of the city of Vienna with the radio space of Ö1 Kunstradio and thus expand the urban space around the radio space. In the preliminary stages to the festival, the invited artists will make sound explorations in the public space of the city of Vienna: At locations that have special acoustics, the artists will perform live and/or create sound installations. A specially designed path will guide the visitors.

Due to the current situation, all performances in public space, radio space and virtual space will take place as live streamings in cooperation with Experimental Intermedia New York.

Ö1 Kunstradio will present excerpts of the installations and contributions, as well as three radio works by Rahel Kraft, Zahra Mani, and Peta Klotzberg and Christian Tschinkel with Mia Zabelka, created especially for the radio space.

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