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Die Bergung der Landschaft
by Magdalena Schrefel


"In an area where it is as if nothing lies between the eye and the landscape, Magdalena Schrefel's piece "Die Begrung der Landschaft" describes the image of a decaying family in a world on the verge of disaster. He would have a farm to cultivate, a son to raise, but since his wife is no longer, his father increasingly slips away a self-determined life. He withdraws from his run-down farm and continues to build a remarkable machine. Everything he finds, a telephone, a washing machine, a toaster, is built into it: His dream is a machine that can do everything. While he barely hears his own son any more, he listens into the landscape until he is once again struck by the call of a thing that he can use up and that brings the machine closer to completion. This machine should absorb everything - and finally also him.

"How does it begin? Is it a thought? A wish? Is there a longing? Or does it begin with a gesture? Something found? How do you build a machine that should contain nothing less than the world, that should oppose the landscape that surrounds you, that is a response to what you have found, to which you do not want to submit? And how can we build on a machine that is getting bigger and bigger, that develops a life for itself, that grows beyond you? How to live with or next to or in a machine that demands space, that is hungry, greedy and voracious? Has the outbreak failed then? Do we have to give up? Do you start all over again? Is that still possible at all? Isn't the path already mapped out, is the development predictable? Is every step, every action already determined? Is it the one thought, the desire, the longing in which everything originates? That there must be something where there was nothing before."
(Magdalena Schrefel)

With: Lilith Häßle, Johannes Silberschneider, Katharina Stark, Gabriel Raab, Stefan Hunstein / Composition: Jacob Suske / Director: Bernadette Sonnenbichler / Production: BR/ORF 2019

BR Mediathek „Die Bergung der Landschaft“


by GX Jupitter-Larsen


In 2012 GX Jupitter-Larsen visited the "Weltmaschine" by Franz Gsellmann in Eastern Styria. Franz Gsellmann built his colourful and fascinating "Weltmaschine" for over 20 years from 1958 onwards.
Based on the sound recordings the artist made on site, he developed his short radio piece "Worldmachine".