Sunday, 3. November 2019, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



El contagio feminista #1
curated by Anna Raimondo

1) „Verde Monte'“ by Daniela Seggiaroy (11')


Realisation: Daniela Seggiaro
Voices: María Palma de Misión Chaqueña, Susana y Soledad Moreno de La Curvita, Whisky
Sound mix: Rufino Basavilbaso

"During the last indigenous protest, many tribal women traveled from the jungle to the city of Salta. A feminist girl greeted them enthusiastically by making loud, and uniquely distinctive vocal sounds, using her hands to modulate their pitch.
Indigenous men and women were amazed by what they heard. One tribal woman approached the girl and said the sound she produced reminded her of an ancient tribal scream her elders would yell out to warn others of imminent danger in the jungle. I have myself made this specific cry several times during the feminist manifestations, like many others.

The sound work « Verde Monte » emerges as a poetic and abstract evocation of the reactions and reflections I had when listening to their conversation.
We are in danger and this cry is a call to action in the face of an emergency."

2) „Vocal technologies: the viral nature of the Green Tide“ von Cecilia Castro (40')


This work intends to be a theoretical, noisy and testimonial journey through the use of sonic tools, as viral instruments of the latest feminist demonstrations in Argentina.
It proposes to provide a soundscape that combines riot sounds, protest songs, testimonial voices, and theoretical texts; all connected by noises and spread through echoes.