Jon Rose:   The Relative Violin                                       



on line- on site- on air
Dec 7th, 1999
7:30 p.m. (CET) / 10:30 a.m. (PST) - open end

This small festival juxtaposes the sound and technique of real (excelling) violinist with the ubiquitous sound and more and more accessible technology of contemporary music: the sampler, the record, the radio and the internet; as it is networked with the radio and the Internet, the traditional site of the concert hall expands into new spaces, technologies and sounding-possibilities; the performers work partly from geographically very distant locations; their music changes in (re-)mixes and becomes recontextualised at each location by visual elements as well as by voices from far away.

"Just to confuse the issue, amongst all this simulacra will be thrown some state of the art interactive computer systems running real time MIDI controlled string samples and string images. So in this violin-event there is a whole mix up of the real, the fake, the virtual...not to mention the good, bad and the ugly.. .or just plain noisy." (Jon Rose)


"No matter that someone maybe able to down load the entire content of their b rain into a computer 25 years from now (anyone who wants to do that won't have m uch to download anyway), the last thing that a computer will ever be able to sim ulate in real time is the sound of a violin being played left handed for the fir st time by a trained violinist (I'm serious)....that amount of indecision, unrel iability, envelope malfunction, unrepeatability, awkwardness, variation in every agonising millisecond takes just too much computation. So as with most music pr actice, in this mini-fetival it could well be the differences between musicians and their sonic resources and locations that tend to create the moments...rather than the similarities." (Jon Rose)


"The Relative Violin - Vancouver-Vienna" takes place in the framework of a museum (databank) of the violin/violin-music/violin-images/violin-objects and all the cultural notions related to this instrument-turned-icon. (In Vienna pieces from the collection of the Rosenberg Museum at Violin in Slovakia will actually 'frame' the on site-event).

"The Relative Violin - Vancouver-Vienna" is a temporary networked on site-on line- on air -set-up, which propells material from the "museum = history and present of the violin" through different media and spaces, constantly recombining and recontextualising the pieces/fragments/samples and thus producing/adding more material to the museum.

Each piece/mix/web- and broadcast produced in this night at any of the real and/or virtual sites is fragmented, recycled, recombined at one of the other sites and/or contains mixes, fragments, recombinations produced at the other sites.

The different - networked - producing/processing sites are:
a) Vienna Radiokulturhaus
b) Vancouver Grand Lux/Western Front
c) &
d) Österreich 1 - the cultural channel of the National Austrian Radio (ORF)