the sensuality of music made without touching

by Elisabeth Schimana and the
International Theremin Orchestra

14,50.- EURO

sound sample
Includes TOUCHLESS I - Dec.4, 1997 (Recycling the Future)
and TOUCHLESS II - April 4, 1998 , Kunst Halle Krems
TOUCHLESS concentrates on the sensuality of instruments played without touching and emphasizes the use of the "theremin" or "termen-vox" as a controller for various anologue synthesizers and other instruments, and female voices in similarity and contrast to the "electronic voice" of the Termen-Vox.

The International Theremin Orchestra

Lana Aksenova (Russia):
Andrew Garton (Australia):
Günther Gessert (Austria):
Christoph Kurzmann (Austria):
Pedro López (Spain):
Olga Milanich (Russia):
Sergio Messina (Italy):
Robin Rimbaud (UK):
Elisabeth Schimana (Austria):
Andre Smirnov (Russia):
Yuri Spitsin (Russia):

vocals, theremin
theremin, stylaphon
theremin, minimoog
theremin, sampler
theremin, sampler, electroacoustic cordal, etc.
fuzz thereminette
theremin, electro pollution
vocals, echoplex
theremin with ringmodulator
powerglove, sampler

A Kunstradio production
in collaboration with Kunst Halle Krems