Sunday 12th of August

23:05 - 24:00 CEST (21:05 - 22:00 UTC)

Live on Shortwave ROI: 6155 kHz and 5945 kHz
and Mediumwave, Radio 1476: 1476 MW

Narration: Ursula Strubinsky
Production Assistant: Birgit Aistleitner
Sound Engineer: Gerhard Wald
[ listen ]

In this special edition of KUNSTRADIO, Ursula Strubinsky takes you on a final tour into the network of ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB. This highly unusual and innovative event closes down with a streaming project at the LMS Gallery in Riga, Latvia, while this broadcast is live on air and on line from Vienna. Organised by e-lab at the site of a giant radiotelescope - formerly a Soviet military antenna - in the forests near Irbene and in Riga, ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB brought together international radio-art-practicioners and theorists to "receive sounds from outer space or more terrestrial sources and incorporate those into soundart pieces, whether they are music ....or even some sort of architecture which is built up from these different frequencies, hold a symposium about the idea of radio frequencies as a specific form of new media, to.........share ideas, technologies and different visions for how you can use radio transmissions.... as a form of new media. " (Derek Holzer).

The final streaming event of ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB consists of on line contributions by remote participants who could not make it to Latvia, while the participants in Riga stream from their closing party at the LMS Gallery. Kunstradio transfers excerpts from these contributions to short and medium-wave, including some of the contributions which were put on line during the earlier parts of ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB.

Ursula Strubinsky also talks to artist-theoretician Robert Adrian, who is already back in Vienna after having participated in the Irbene part of ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB.


"a retrospective of real events" a special contribution by August Black and Manfred Söllner to the final streaming event of ACOUSTIC.SPACE.LAB from the KUNSTRADIO office, Vienna.