Acoustic couplers, samplers (digital storage of nature sounds), synthesizer, personal computers and the international telephone network are the means to connect musicians from different countries. These connections make it possible to realise a concert, whose musicians are not in the same space, but realise a collaborative concert from different countries. They use instruments, which are not producing sounds, but so-called midi data. These data are either transformed into sounds by sound-modules, or they are converted by computers and acoustic couplers into data which can be transmitted via telephone. At the other end of the line these data are again rendered into midi data and after that into sounds. The sound-material used consists on the one hand out of sampled sound quotations, and on the other hand out of traditional synthesizer sounds, produced by all of the musicians. The result can be heard live, in Graz as well as in all the participating locations. Due to the data-delays, not one of the locations will offer the same sounds simultaneously. In Graz, the computers will additionally manipulate the midi data according to certain algorithms, i.e. the computers are not only converting data, but also take on an important role in the structuring of the concert. Each participant, by his personal choice of sounds, is granted the possibility to render the concert at his local site into a very special version by transforming his own or the midi-data received from Graz. The midi-data received at each location are recorded by a sequencer. After the concert, these data will be sent to Graz via the acoustic couplers. In Graz we will transform these data into analogue music signals by using the same sounds as the remote locations. We intend to record these sounds on tape. The four resulting tapes will be played in the exhibition.("Entgrenzte Grenzen", Graz 1987)

Teilnehmer an RAZIONALNIK:

Hungary/Budapest: Mr. Gabor Pesser
Slovenia/Ljubljana: Mr. Lado Jaksa
Trentino/Trento: Mr. De Carli Claudio
Support: Meinrad Hopfgartner, Mladen Kenda, Interconcert Budapest (im besonderen Mr. Alajosuh Kotsis), Dr. Franz Piribauer, Kurt Tuca

(Translated from the catalogue: Entgrenzte Grenzen, Graz, 1987, ed.: Richard Kriesche, "kulturdata", Sackstrasse 22, A 8010 Graz)