international on line contributions to Acoustic.Space.Lab, Irbene, Latvia

The following remote participants of Acoustic.Space.Lab have produced special on line contributions, which were broadcast on air by Kunstradio in cooperation with ROI and Radio 1476:

Tim Jaeger:

track8.mp3[ download ]


a short music track (2'06'')[ download ]

Treatment of recordings of stratospherics events made by a guy in Canada, heard on the radio in UK and re-worked by OiMa with electronics and MiniDisc


sdong[ listen ]

fundamental radio (Black / Seidl):

Out of Space - acoustic version[ listen ]

Rupert Huber:

paris, france[ listen ]

Sergio Messina - radiogladio

absolute safety - all well in Genova[ download ]

This track features the voice of the italian Minister of Internal affairs Claudio Scajola: he is saying that "the summit has taken place in absolute safety" and that "the police's behavior was cool and professional throughout": he was not human.

It also features one large sample of Patti Smith's "Birdland" and sounds produced with thOnk_0+2, a great freeware app by Arjen van der Schoot.

This mp3 can freely circulate in any BBS, P2P network and website that does not make money off it (by selling it or putting it under a banner ad). For all the others this song is 2001 Sergio Messina.

Anna Friz:

"improv for theremin and AM radio" [ download ]

firstfloor eastside (Matt Smith):

spacelab [ download ]

Gareth Barnes:

Sound6.wav [ download ]
Sound8.wav [ download ]
72kokeB--a.wav [ download ]

August Black / Manfred Söllner:

A Retrospective of Real Events[ listen ]

From the Kunstradio office in Vienna, August Black and Manfred Soellner contributed live on line to the final streaming-event of the Acoustic.Space.Lab symposium (August 12th).