Tuesday 7th of August

19:55 - 20:00 CEST

Narration: Lothar Bodingbauer (in german)
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Statement: Derek Holzer,
telefone from Irbene

22:50 - 23:00 CEST
Medium- and Shortwave

Franziskus Kerssenbrock (in German)
Ingrid Rachbauer (in English)
Robert Lichtner (in Slovakian)

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1st audio report from the Acoustic.Space.Lab
by Honor Harger
The report is about 6.5 minutes, and it comprises interviews with half the participants and a report on the Acoustic Observation Group's project.
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Remote Contribution: fon (A)

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Derek Holzer from Irbene:
There is that amazing resource thats here in Lativa. It is a 32m radiotelescop and a 16m dish that was constructed by the soviet army. And nobody even knew about it. It was completely top secret until the soviet army left in the early 90ties. All the electronics inside of it have been pretty seriously sabotaged, when the army pulled out. So they had to fix the motors which moved the dish and than they had to bring in probably a lot of their own equipment actually to interpret the data the dish was receiving. It was orginally been used to monitor the satellite communications between North America and Europe. And also they suspect to look for NATO submarines in the baltic sea. So the scientists from the Radioastronomy Center had very slowly and painfully built this thing back up to the point where they can start up doing actual observations of distant radiosources, stars, the sun.... They did some experiments where they beamed radiowaves to the moon and received them there. They use it for larger radio experiments in between here and radiotelescopes in Sweden and also in Russia.

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