dunes & redundancy

seppo gründler
esc im labor graz
september 3 - 11 1999, 00.00 to 24:00

DIRECT LINK TO DUNES : http://vnm.mur.at/gruendler/dunes



An area of sand, ventilators and loudspeakers. The sand is blown by the ventilators and vibrated by the loudspeakers. The data from the analysis of the audiostream from Linz controls the behaviour of the ventilators and speakers.
The result is a landscape of sand and dunes, slowly and steadily changing its appearance. A camera broadcasts pictures into the web.
The room itself is silent. The original stream can only be heard in the foyer or elsewhere.

Dunes is part of an unfinished project by Niveau (Schweitzer/Stangl/Gründler/Böhm).
Deals with audio compression. Live sound is MPEG-compressed and then compared to the original. The difference between the original and the compressed sound (the "lost" data) is made audible and sent to Linz as a compressed audio file free from further losses. At the same time the original is streamed, with mpeg compression, to Linz.