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Québec, le 5 janvier 1996

dear Janos

dear Elizabeth

dear Heidi

here is a series of papers (or electronic subsitutes). Some are technical, some are organizational, some are theoretical, the others are what they are.

I think additive info is the most efficient way of written thinking we can use in the making of Bridges & Rivers : backward translation as a creative strategy. There are more thoughts on this later, but tight schedule is certainly a major reason for this.

According to the following, the main tool for communication in the process of building Bridges & Rivers will be papers and snail mail. The lowest common denominator. Other tools can and will of course be used, but I think it would be great if all info would appear at some point in the hands of everybody involved.

Have a look, and if it makes sense to you, then I guess it should become the first content for a series of white envelopes with BRIDGES & RIVERS : BUY A BINDER written on them in capital letters.

All the best,

Jocelyn Robert

Note : Janos contact address doesn't appear on the mailing list forwarded by the Hungarian Radio friends. It will have to be included with the complete list as one more essential paper in the first Bridges & Rivers package.

Note 2 : Also, in the text, I propose a hub for distribution of correspondance. I think ORF should be the hub. What do you think ? Is this possible for you ?