sergio messina

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Bridge I can think (Sam & Jeff)

Sam & Jeff are very far apart; they don't even know each other. Sam is black, Jeff is white. Jeff is rich; Sam, the older one is making ends meet. Jeff is american, and so is Sam, but the bridge between them is a very hard one to cross. They don't know it but, like everything else, they're one too, and this is their (talking) blues.

This work was inspired by the criminal who knocked down the Mostar bridge, Tony Manero and James Brown, and is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Massimo Terracini and his wife Patrizia Garofoli, Many thanks to mr. Rivers and mr. Bridges.

Bridge I can think, has been written and produced by Sergio Messina and published by Bmg Ricordi; it has been originally developed for the Rivers & Bridges project at the 1996 Linz Festival.

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