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Ars Electronica Festival 2004/80 Years Radio in Austria

This second chapter of the series-in progress RE-INVENTING RADIO was initiated by Ö1-KUNSTRADIO in cooperation with ÖSTERREICH 1, the cultural channel of the ORF, Austrian National Radio, as a contribution to its celebrations on "80 Years of RADIO" in Austria and with the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Linz, Austria, which in 2004 celebrates its 25th year.

Due to this complex structure of institutional and non-institutional co-production and the use of different contexts and technologies, aesthetics, collaborative production- methods,  RE-INVENTING RADIO II has several sub-chapters, which although interrelated, also easily stand alone.

THE LONG NIGHT OF RADIO-ART on Sept 3rd/4th is a  ten-and half hour on line- on air- on site event, simultaneously and collaboratively produced by artists from many networked locations around the world, using audio-and video-streaming.
The on line-streams will be material and content of a live-on air version of the project a version,  which is in turn also streamed live on the internet.
In Vienna, at the Radio-Broadcasting House of the ORF, on site performances, installations and screenings will take place in front of a local audience, simultaneously and networked with performances and live-remixes in Linz at the Ars Electronica Center' SKY Media Loft also accessible to a general public.

As a cutting-edge first - not only for radio-art, but broadcast radio in general, the on air version of the LONG NIGHT OF RADIO-ART will be broadcast live not only in stereo  on FM and Short Wave but also in the new 5.1 format .

Three of the PROJECTS of the so-called ELECTRO-LOBBY of the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival 2004 are initiated by KUNSTRADIO and, thus, part of  
RE-INVENTING RADIO II. All of them are examples of an "expanded radio"-art.

On  Sept 6th, under the title "RE-INVENTING RADIO" at the main conference hall of the Bruckner-Haus in Linz, at a short SYMPOSIUM international artists, curators and theoreticians gather to discuss aspects of the early telecommunication-art and its impact on the practice and theory of artists dealing with radio as a medium and technology in the last 25 years and beyond.

On Sept 5th, the weekly Ö1-radio-art program KUNSTRADIO launches a 7-part -series of programs "RE-INVENTING RADIO". The radio-programs will highlight important steps of the development of radio-art since almost a century. The programs will also be available on line, together with other slowly accumulating HISTORICAL MATERIAL