The concept of 'Soundscape' appeared in the sixties in the work of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer – reaching a larger audience in 1973 through the 'World Soundscape Project' and in the book 'The Tuning of the World', published in 1977.

Even if one disregards his naturalistic approach to the idea of a landscape, there remains in Schafer's work an obstinacy to make art out of what is perceived as sonic nuisance – an important step which laid the foundation of an attitude that is still alive among scholars and composers today.

More than 30 years on, the program 'Soundscape Forever' revisits the concept with an original series of six pieces by international artists. The artists were invited to work on the concept of soundscape from multiple approaches in order to go beyond notions such as frame, panorama, perspective, cartography, in its rural and/or urban dimensions.

These aspects function as creative starting points capable of opening up new territories: the works propose new approaches to this genre central to radio and sound art: experiencing tangible space-time, integrating acoustic and architectural contexts, exploring the social and human dimensions of the landscape. Because in the end, landscape always brings us back to those who dwell in it.

Founded by atelier de création sonore radiophonique in Brussels, SilenceRadio.org is a listening space dedicated to the diversity of contemporary creative radio. SilenceRadio.org offers audio pieces, from composed works to "rough" recorded material in many genres (radio art, documentary, sound poetry, drama, phonography, field-recording, soundscape etc.). Furthermore, SilenceRadio.org collaborates with a number of cultural radio programs, forming a network of artists and radio diffusers who exchange artistic contents to be broadcasted.

Artists: eRikm, Xavier Fassion, Murmer, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Els Viaene, Chris Watson


Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique

The Vancouver Soundscape