Acoustic.Space.Set #1
Planktons & Aquarell
Acoustic.Space.Set #2
by Clausthome
Acoustic.Space.Set #3
Open Source Sampling Project
Acoustic.Space.Set #4
Open Source Sampling Project
Acoustic.Space.Set #5

> Curators Statement

...............re-cover - the ecology of both the data-stream environment
	       and the electromagnetic spectrum
...............re-approach - net.radio
...............re-combine - wired and wireless, old and new, global and
	       insular technologies
...............re-connect - audio communication networks

The info-scape surrounding our planet is becoming more and more dense. Natural sounds which are comparatively weak, are complemented (overrun) by the tide of man-made signals, frequencies and codes. And what about those--wide range of signals on the electromagnetic scale, which are invisible, inaudible and imperceptible to us.

In the seemingly chaotic 'noise' originating from info streams, nature and the observations of the universe, certain structures, rhythms, and cycles exist. By processes of filtering, emphasizing and amplifying these rhythms of the electromagnetic waves and data structures, artists and musicians are remodelling the con-texture of acoustic space.

Acoustic.Space.Set is a series of programmes that will include made sound works that are using the material gathered at the VIRAC radiotelescope in Irbene, Latvia. In summer 2001, at the site of the Soviet-era, 32 meter dish antenna, an international team of 30 sound artists, net and community radio activists and radio amateurs in co-operation with VIRAC scientists explored the dish. Over the days of the "Acoustic Space Lab" symposium the 'cultural researchers' made recordings of the sounds and data from the observation of planets, from the communication satellites and the surrounding environment of sandy beaches and forests. All data were uploaded and are available at:

Presently the Acoustic Space Lab Open-Source-Sampling Project, coordinated by Derek Holzer, is looking for artists to reinterpret the material, gathered at the dish. Contact: derek@x-i.net and http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net/lab/projects.html

The radio-series of the "Acoustic Space.SET" project will include compilations of the Open-Source-Sampling project, live noize performances via net by the Clausthome musicians (Latvia) and other "Acoustic.space.lab" participants, as well as discussions about what are the issues for tactical interventions of artists who are exploring the contemporary transmission environment, accessing former military objects or investigating the potential of GPS communication in the emerging cell-space. http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net

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