Hank Bull

27.06.95 04:07:26
Von: Hank@wimsey.com
An: Kunstradio

Horizontal Radio Participation

A living collaborative global electronic sound sculpture.

Hank Bull, Antonia Hirsch and Robert Kozinuk, Western Front,
Untitled improvisation. 30 minutes at 20.00h Pacific Time.

We were part of a group improvisation in which sounds from various cities were mixed together in Linz.

In Vancouver we used a simple speaker-phone and a battery of traditional radio sound effects, including a wind machine, a surf machine, bird calls, thunder balloon and so on. We also used tape, voice, accordion, drums and noodle horn.

We listened for an hour or so before launching into our own improvisation. Typical of all free improvisation the sound was sometimes beautiful, sometimes lost, thus a reflection of real life. The individual meaning of each contribution was sacrificed to the mix, but reborn at a new level in a kind of "aufhebung", thanks to the common intention of all the players.

An original patch: each receiver is also a sender, transmitting to a local audience as well as back to the common mother.

Hank Bull, hank@wimsey.com
Western Front,303 E. 8th Ave., Vancouver VST lSl
tel: 604-876-9343 fax: 604-876-4099