Vancouver Soundscapes, 1972/73     

R.Murray Schafer

LP, Ensemble Productions Ldt, Vancouver, B.C.

"The two records in this set are designed to accompany and complement the book 'The Vancouver Soundscape', undertaken by researchers of the World Soundscape Project in 1973. The aim of the Worldsoundscape Project is to bring together research on the scientific, sociological and aesthetic aspects of the acoustic environment. The Vancouver Soundscape is our first field study of an actual environment, that of the city in which the project originated.


To record sounds is to put a frame around them. Just as a photograph frames a visual environment, which may be inspected at leisure and in detail, so a recording isolates an acoustic environment and makes it a repeatable event for study purposes. The recording of acoustic environments is not new, but it often takes considerable listening experience to begin to perceive their details accurately. A complex sensation may seem bland or boring if listened to carelessly. We hope, therefore, that listeners will discover new sounds with each replay of the records in this set - particularly the first record, which consists of some quite intricate environments. It may be useful to turn off the the room lights or to use headphones, if available. Each of the sequences on these recordings has its own direction and tempo. They are part of the World Symphony. The rest is outside your front door." (R.Murray Schafer)

The Vancouver Soundscape was presented in Kunst in der Stadt
Vancouver is Kunstradios Partner in the Wiencouver Project