a KUNSTRADIO project in 4 episodes
1 documenta X

Orangerie, Kassel.
July 18 - 27 1997

For 10 days (July 18 - 27) KUNSTRADIO was responsible for the program at Hybrid Workspace, documenta X. Hybrid Workspace was conceived by Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz as a an alternative to the main documenta program. The concept was to invite ten different organisations or groups to occupy the Orangerie in Kassel for ten days each during the 100 days of documenta X. KUNSTRADIO was the fourth occupant.

KUNSTRADIO's project was to build a multimedia communications space in the Orangerie, including broadcasting (radio) and webcasting (internet) equipment, and expand the space to include other locations and partners around the world. The KUNSTRADIO team produced a daily (and nightly) program of live events and performances - both locally in the Orangerie and in the communications space of radio and the internet.

KUNSTRADIO also provided a 24 hour webradio program which was used by the other locations as basic material for recycling, reformatting and collaging.