Immersive Sound: ON SITE
The on site installation of IMMERSIVE SOUND consisted of several quite distinct spaces / interfaces:
The operational base of IMMERSIVE SOUND was the Black Box or Black Cube of the Probebühne (rehearsal hall/experimental stage) of the Theater am Kornmarkt located next to the new Kunsthaus.
The small glass walled entrance space to the Probebühne, where the three small car-loudspeakers carrying the continuous sound from the three remote locations of IMMERSIVE SOUND were located.*

* (Corresponding loudspeakers were planned for Helmut Mark's installation in the Palais Thurn&Taxis. It was only partially realised and 3 "Surf-stations" are all that remain to provide access to Immersive Sound.)
Four loudspeakers mounted under the colonnade in front of the entrance to the Kornmarkttheater itself. The four loudspeakers were directed towards the public space in front of the Bregenz Kunsthaus - a square that also contained the popular terrace of the KUB Café.
  • a live webcam looking out at the lake, mounted on the roof of the Kornmarkttheater as part of the Default project.

  • a CB transmitter/receiver/antennae were mounted on the roof of the Kornmarkttheater

  • on two floors of the Kornmarkt theater annex ('Probebühne') sound equipment and computers, with internet access, were installed that were used by the artist-teams to feed their sounds to:
    • the Black Box (and the SoundPool),
    • the Real Audio Live Stream,
    • the loudspeakers in the public space

    In addition the equipment was used to: