wojt3k kucharczyk

born 1969. usually known as co-leader of molr drammaz (adventurexperipopgroup) and founder/chief of micro-, but active/nice mik.musik.!. label (more than 30 titles until today). plays solo as retro*sex*galaxy, takes part in another projects, like pathman. graduated as visual artist and graphic designer, very quickly turned into active musician and sound sculptor himself, because probably music was his first and strongest artlove/artmission. recorded many records, played many plays, showed many shows. quiet or loud. he lives in southern poland, so some actions are not so fast (or slow) as they could be if he was from another part of the world. but such speed is ok for him. wojt3k is still working to find the best solution (and highest re-soul-ution) to the question he asked himself: "is it possible to make music as dense as nature itself is?". drummer, keyboardist, electronicist, computerer, so sometimes so-called multiinstrumentalist, too. sings in moments of good humour. does science-fiction samba. still works as the graphic designer, starts to focus mostly on fresh new media possibilities. has some incomes, because he works as teacher/assistant at the academy of fine arts in katowice. appeared for the first time on the color magazine cover in march 2002.
was fun.
sees the future quite bright.
believes in good friends.
in cooperation with gagarin (hamburg), alku (barcelona), diskono (stirling) and meeuw muzak (nijmegen) labels. distributors for some of wojt3k's recordings: a-musik, mdos.at, tamizdat.org. so he is happy about it. wojt3k music or musik is published by stora/freibank.
don't like to write normal cvs.
sends you many best greetings.

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