Lori Weidenhammer

Lori Weidenhammer is a feminist performance artist. She uses video, audio, and computer interactive systems in her work. She works with the image of herself in costume and character. Her most recent work is "Brain Dress" - a costume designed like the folds of the brain. When she touches different regions on the garment, video and sound memories playback on the wall behind her. In "Narratives II" (an Internet exchange performance with Elisabeth Schimana in Vienna) Lori used various facial expressions, filtered through web-cam software that attempts to re-create the sensibility of colour slow-scan.

Lori Weidenhammer (with Peter Courtemanche) took part in exhibition "Kunst in der Stadt" in Bregenz, Austria. This included their installation "Divining for Lost Sound" and participation in the Kunstradio project "Immersive Sound", (together with Elisabeth Schimana).
Courtemanche/Weidenhammer/Schimana "Immersive Sound" Project Description

Kunstradio Sendungen:

19. 12. 1999: Silence descends
15. 04. 1999: "Geschichten II/Narratives II"
15. 10. 2000: devolve into
17. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
24. 03. 2002: intermedium 2
31. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
07. 07. 2002: "cadillac desert radio mix"

Kunstradio Sendungen:

1998: Immersive Sound
2000: "devolve into"
2002: ".. devolve into II .."