Born February 20, 1961. Living in Zemun, Yugoslavia. Guitarist and co-author for several Yugoslav rock groups from 1980-1998. Worked as a sound engineer and computer programmer for various rock and artistic projects from 1988-1995. Among others, the artists include Miroslav Savic, Milimir Draskovic, Ivana Stefanovic, Natasa Bogojevic, etc.

Collaborated with Zoran Simjanovic (distinguished Yugoslav film composer) as a sound engineer/computer programmer/music editor from 1990-1996. This collaboration resulted in musical scores for 11 feature films (directed by Goran Markovic, Goran Paskaljevic, Srdjan Karanovic, etc.), and over 50 TV, documentary and animated films.

Worked as a NLE video editor at Cinema REX (former cultural centre of Radio B2-92) in 1998/99. During that period started collaborating with LOW-FI VIDEO Project (independent association of Serbian short film makers).

Currently working with Dusan Bauk on a project entitled OUR PICTURES (soundscape/music creation and short computer animations). The project is a member of ZADRUGA (independent association of Serbian audio/visual creators)

    ORF-Kunstradio Broadcasts:

    29. 4. 1999: <IT'S GOING TO RAIN! I HOPE NOT!> + <THE PROBE> - two short pieces contributed to ECHOES FROM A WARZONE, an ORF Kunstradio broadcast in April 1999; <IT'S GOING TO RAIN! I HOPE NOT!> originally released on HOPE CD, John Moores University, Liverpool 1998;
    28. 10. 2001: SOUNDWARE v1.0 (with domin8r///CoRRoSioN) - live audio act (Soundcard I)
    28.11.2004: Through the Waves with Miroslav Savic and Robert Klajn

    ORF-Kunstradio Projects:

  • COMMUNICATON NOISES (with Dusan Bauk) - soundscape created for SOUND DRIFTING project by ORF Kunstradio;
  • Curated by Aleksadar Vasiljevic: Soundcard

  • selected Projects:

  • ROW YOU BOAT - a soundscape for installation/exhibition COLLECTIN G THE RIVERS by Vera Stevanovic, Belgrade, October 1999;
  • VERTEX - audio piece included in ZERO CD, John Moores University, Liverpool 2000;
  • WELCOME TO MY WORLD - a short film done during COMMUNICATION FRONT conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, June 2000; Awarded at the 3rd Yugoslav Cheap Film Festival in Subotica, August 2000;
  • performed during INTERFERENCES (2nd International Festival of Multimedia Arts in Belfort, France, December 2000).
  • RE-INVENTING RADIO Part II: The Long Night of Radio Art - Through the Waves