Pal Toth (aka én)

Pal Toth aka én is a hungarian sound artist and radio producer, living in Budapest. He was the program editor of the illegal Tilos Rádió (the illegal community Radio of Budapest – Forbidden Radio) between 1993 and 1994 and then became a member of the legal Tilos Rádió (Forbidden Radio) in 1995, where he edits programs for today’s experimental, electro-acoustic and underground music tendencies in his show titled, No Wave. In the framework of his program, the audience can often hear “ether concerts” (titled Self-Organizing Chaos) and specific “rozart mixes”, in which he plays his own collage compositions or mixes in live music. His compositions and cathartic appearances – which often move around the hearing limit – live both on the results of concrete music, plunderphonics and sound-formation as well as that of sound art. In addition to én, his experimental and contemporary private music collection (TPNMC, Budapest) is extraordinary not only due to his passion for collecting, originating from his sensitivity to new forms of musical reflexivity and competences, especially regarding the number of his published rarities – discs and booklets published only in limited copies and so on – but also for his serious intention to make all this accessible for anyone who is interested in today’s music. The „independent also among independents” én chooses sound samples from his own collection in order to compose his pieces of music and so finally and successfully eliminates the unnecessary separations of composition and the preparation of music (DJs and so on), the broadcast of music (radio and so on) and musical performance. Since 1996 he performed number of concerts around Europe (from the Audio Art Festival in Cracow to Mysteries of the East in Paris). He is a member of the following electroacoustic groups: izo-fr (with Zsolt Sőrés aka Ahad and Zsolt Kovács), PAW Music (with Quentin Rollett and Ahad) and the participant of the english-hungarian group project, The Sonic Catering Band.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
16. 01. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 – Live aus der Kulturfabrik Hainburg
18. 01. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 – Livemix
01. 02. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 Review – Teil 1
20. 03. 2011: „op. 110320“