Friedrich Tietjen

*1966 lives in hamburg, vienna and maastricht arthistorian,
writer, nurse, since 1992 experimental radio at hamburg's independant radio fsk (mostly with ole frahm), subjects amongst others were the studio as a knot of urban life, the Grüne Punkt, and Botho Strauss and the jingle. radioprojects include congressradio at the Interface 2 (hamburg 1995), a contribution for rivers&bridges (1996, with oliver augst and michaela ehinger, "Faust" for the independant coloradio in dresden (1996), kunstradio's "recycling the future" (1997, documenta X, hybrid workspace) and radio's trips (1998, with oliver augst, reto friedmann, hilmi gashi).

writings on topics of radio theory and history include radio re: ports (german version: radio b richt) a brief history of radio piracy in austria and an extensive essay on the history of belgrade's b92 (to be published in late fall 2001). links to more texts on other subjects are to be found here.

1997 editor and announcer at the kunstradio
1999 - 2000 organizing exhibitions at the secession
2001 grant for theory of photography
2002 - 2003 researcher at the jan van eyck akademie in maastricht, working on photography as a scientific means in 19th century

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

27. 3. 1997: "Der Grüne Punkt - Wir machen mit"