Helen Thorington


Helen Thorington: Komponistin, performance- installation- und radio-Künstlerin. Leiterin von "New Radio and Performing Arts". Seit 1987 Planung und Entwicklung von NEW AMERICAN RADIO, das seit 1989 einmal wöchentlich - als erste nationale Radiokunstserie der USA - ausgestrahlt wird. (1991 und 1993 Preise beim PRIX FUTURA BERLIN).
1990 Kuratorin der Ausstellung NEW AMERICAN RADIO im Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
Organisation der Performance Serie "Performing Bodies and Smart Machines" am Whitney Museum of American Art.

Is a sound composer, radio-, installation- and performance-artist. She began her career as a writer. In 1977 she made a transition to sound. Her early works included award-winning compositions for post-modern dancers Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane that were performed in the U.S.A and Europe; and works for radio. Her productions for National Public Radio were among the first radio art works broadcast nationally. Her recent programs have been aired nationally and internationally in over fifteen countries. In them, Thorington explores the possibility of non-textual narratives, and often uses sound to shape "mind-scapes", or cinematic sound plays. The exploration of the spatial dimensions in the (immaterial) electronic medium is central to all her work.