Catalina Tello

has a degree in Dance with an Interpretation mention from the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano University in Santiago de Chile. During her professional career she has worked in different artistic projects that include contemporary dance, physical theatre, contemporary circus and performance, with the companies KIM Physical Theatre and Materia Prima colectivo, among others. She has also worked in the management and production of the festival and encounter Danza en Emergencia and the creation of the project Universo Umane, a research project that brings together dance and astronomy. She currently lives in Berlin where she works as a performer and choreographer with AquĆ­ Theater Berlin company and other independent artists of the Berlin scene.

Kunstradio broadcasts:

04. 07. 2021: “Social Music II: Alien Phenomenology #2”

Curated by Brandon LaBelle: Social Music II: Communities in Movement