Tibor Szemzö

Tibor Szemzö ist Komponist, Performer und Medienkünstler. Studium an der Ungarischen Musikakademie. Seit Ende der 1970er Jahre selbständig als Musiker und Komponist. Zuletzt verstärktes Interesse an Film.


Tibor Szemzö is a composer, performer and media artist. Graduated from the Hungarian Music Academy. From the late 70s he made his name as a musician and composer. In recent years his interest has turned increasingly to film as well.

released records & DVD
SNAPSHOT FROM THE ISLAND   LP 1987, CD 1999  Leo Records, England, CD LR 151
PRIVATE EXITS   LP 1989 HPS Records, Hungary
AIN'T NOTHING BUT A LITTLE BIT OF MUSIC FOR MOVING PICTURES CD 1992 TomK Records/BBS Foundation, Czechoslovakia/Hungary
THE LAST HUNGARIAN PVC  SP 1994 Futterbasis, Hungary
TRACTATUS  CD 1995 Leo Records, England CD LR 227
RELATIVE THINGS CD 1998 Leo Records CD LR 250
THE OTHER SHORE CD 1999 Leo Records CD LR 281
FREE FALL ORATORIO CD 2000 Author's publication FOB 021
SUNSET ON LEFT CD 2000 Bahia Music CDB 071
INVISIBLE STORY CD 2001 Leo Records CD LR 311
DANUBE EXODUS CD 2002 Leo Records CD LR 352
SOUTH OF NO NORTH CD 2003 Leo Records CD LR 361
A GUEST OF LIFE DVD 2007 Fantasy Film Hungary

SKULLBASE FRACTURE 1984-87  Balázs Béla Studio (BBS), Hungary, video-anticlip
CUBA 1993  BBS, Hungary, b&w 16mm
THE OTHER SHORE 1998 Szemzo/BBS/DunaTV, color 35mm
WHAT THERE IS 2005 Kép-Árnyék Bt, b&w 8mm/video
A GUEST OF LIFE - Alexander Csoma de Körös 2006 Mediawave/A38/Gordioso Film, color 35mm
INVISIBLE STORY 2009 Gordioso Film / Kép-Árnyék Bt, color 8mm/video
THE SEX APPEAL OF DEATH 1990/2010 Gordioso Film / Duna Workshop, color/video
THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG 2011 Gordioso Film / Duna Workshop, color 8mm/video

New Music America '86, Houston;  Wiener Festwochen '88, Ars Electronica '88 and '89, Linz, Austria; Music Now from Hungary '94, Yokohama, Japan;  Warsaw Autumn Festival '95, Poland; Unsung Music '96 and 2000, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; Prague New Music Marathon ’96,’98, 2000,  Angelica 2000, Bologna, Italia; San Francisco Jewish Film Festival; Alternativa 2001, Moscow; Getty Museum, LA, 2002; Tribeca Film Festival, NYC 2007; Kolkata Int. Film Festival 2007, India, Buddhist Int. Film Festival 2009, Barbican Center, London, Budapest Arts Palace 2009 among many others. 

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