Russell Stapleton

Russell Stapleton whilst making "Personal Space". (photograph copyright: Julia Morrell)

Russell Stapleton is a sound engineer, producer and composer working for ABC Radio's Audio Arts department. He has a passion for using 'musical techniques' in his radio programs, whether they be drama, documentary or soundscapes.

As a sound engineer his work has won: Prix Italia -Drama-"Summer of the Aliens" 1990, RAI Prize -Documentary -"Tokyo's Burning" 1995, New York Festival Gold Medal-Drama-"Distant light,dark places" 1997. As a producer Russell won the Minister of Culture award at the Phonurgia Nova Festival for "Radio Alive or Dead?" 1997.

The growth of "fly-on-the-wall" and so-called "reality" TV led Russell into the world of surveillance technology. From there he began the search for "Personal Space".